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Radiohead - Within arms reach (album)
05 May 2016 a las 16:01
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Radiohead doesn’t need the usual promotion round, with set dates for reveals, or even TV appearances. If you can sell your album, for nothing, and even make a profit – You know the band has the power to be creative. So it doesn’t come as a surprise when the band shut down the official site, and deleted their social media presence. And within seconds, flood gates of rumors starting to pour out. And it does fantastically well. It is Radiohead. Oh, and might I add that while they did unfollow everyone on Twitter. Colin Greenwood, the bass player, went the other way around and started following our account. Now, that’s interesting!

And now the single has been released, which apparently took the band a lot of session eras to get working. It started at Kid A, and was written for Hail To The Thief, and again – Teased in 2006 at a live performance.

So in honor of all the madness of Radiohead’s creative process, I would like to put a flashlight on a song which had various alterations, but one of them was a beautiful arrangement, before the In Rainbows studio sessions slapped Weird Fishes on it. I’m talking about Arpeggi and its 2005 incarnation. To me, it mashes all the craziness of Yorke, into a limited and strangely beautiful arpeggio. No drums, no bass, just Thom battling his expressions, having to jam them down in a simple structure, an arpeggio.


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  Radiohead - Within arms reach (album)
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