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Nuevo audio de Madrid '97
09 July 2015 a las 03:24
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No sé si lo tendríais muchos, pocos o ninguno, pero ha aparecido una nueva grabación del Popmart Calderón que suena mucho mejor que la que todos teníamos desde hace años. Y con mucho mejor me refiero a que son la noche y el día.


This story on this...I obtained this in trade some years ago...unknown taper, unknown generation, the only thing known is that I got it in trade...and of course, it is lossless. Unfortunately, despite rather rich and deep sound, it is marred by intermittent sound blips which for all the world sound to me like a loose plug in the recorded. Others evidently have this same show with the same problems. Per the forum posts about this show, stadtfelder may be sharing his as well, directly from tape, but he indicates the sound on his is distant...except for the above issues on this version, it is very nice.

I guess this show is rare...Justin makes no comments about his version, and only shows a DVD from this date.

cdr (obtained in trade, unknown source, lineage) > EAC to wav > TLH to FLAC level 8



Descarga en U2start: []

Os adjunto un sample como comparación con el audio anterior.

Saludos :)

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  Nuevo audio de Madrid '97
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