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2015-10-10 - Barcelona (4x Wireless Matrix)
14 September 2020 a las 09:23
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Barcelona, Spain
Palau St. Jordi
Saturday October 10, 2015


Source #01:
4x IEM receivers > Multiple recorders @24/44,1kHz
Taper: DJ Soulless

Source #02:
Church Audio CA-11 > Battery Box > DR-2D @24/44,1kHz
Taper: DJ Soulless


Mixed, mastered and produced by Dutch-Baker
Aligned in Adobe Audition v3.0
Mixed in Reaper, using extra Ozone & Waves plug-ins
Dithering using Izotope MBIT+
Flac'ed with Traders Little Helper


01: PA Intro(People Have The Power)
02: The Miracle(Of Joey Ramone)
03: Gloria >
04: Vertigo
05: I Will Follow
06: Intro >
07: Iris(Hold Me Close)
08: Cedarwood Road
09: Song For Someone
10: Sunday Bloody Sunday
11: Raised By Wolves
12: Until The End Of The World
13: Intermission
14: Invisible
15: Even Better Then The Real Thing
16: Mysterious Ways
17: Desire
18: Spanish Eyes
19: Every Breaking Wave
20: October
21: Bullet The Blue Sky >
22: Zooropa >
23: Where The Streets Have No Name
24: Pride(In The Name Of Love)
25: With Or Without You
26: Encore/Hawkins video:
27: City Of Blinding Lights
28: Beautiful Day
29: Mother And Child Reunion^ >
30: Bad
31: '40'

^ : by Paul Simon


It took me quite a while to get this project done. I worked on and off on this because personal matters. In the end it was my third opportunity in mixing a full 2015 show. And I must say, the best one so far (qualitywise). Before I started this project I had a couple of goals that I wanted to achieve and see how they would work out in the mix. Groundprinciples for the next couple of mixes I'm planning to do. It turned out good IMHO.

Some sources had a little bit of static on them (especially the Edge-feed), which I tried to remove. At some spots the remnants are still audible, but this was the best I could do. I didnt want to damage the music any further. The AUD-tape was made from quite a distance and therefore doesnt sound as full in and between songs as I would have liked. I know there are probably better sounding recordings out there, but this was given to me as a gift so I had to take it as it was.

These mixes have the counts and clicks removed. You will probably still hear some artifacts of them here and there, thats because its always a compromise. If you're a fan of counts & clicks, like some people here stated in another mix I did, this mix isn't something for you (althought you can always dl it). I'm primairily mixing for my ears and if you're not satisfied with this sound then I can understand that. Everybody has it's own preferences and idea's, I have no problems with that. But telling me you dislike the mix because of this, or that, doesnt encourage me to share more mixes here. Take it the way it is and move on, or leave a comment that can truely help me improve my next mix and hopefully your sound.


Please dont share this recording on other sites. If I want to share it somewhere else I will do it myself, because I need
permission as well. That includes YouTube and Guitars101 too! These arent my recordings ya know. Please respect this wish!


A big THANK YOU goes out to DJ Soulless for giving me his sources to mix them up. It was a real pleasure to meet you after such a long time! I really enjoyed the time we spent. I also wanna say THANK YOU to the biggest mixingcontributor in this community,
Sharebear. Thanks for all the advices I got from you for this mix and over the past couple of years!



- Campeon TRIVIAL Organizado por Pau
- Campeon TRIVIAL Especial Live Edition organizado por Kitacitus 135
- Campeon y tercer clasificado Nova Canco 2008
- Retirada de las competiciones oficiales en Julio 2008 tras aplastante dominio sobre el populacho
- Vuelta a lo Schumacher, 2o clasificado Trivial 2010
- Organizador Super Trivial 2010 2.0
- "Aprendiz de Goebbels" (Feb 2010)
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  2015-10-10 - Barcelona (4x Wireless Matrix)
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