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2017-05-12 - Vancouver, BC (Wireless Matrix by Sharebear)
04 noviembre 2017 a las 21:30
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IEM Matrix de Hoserama, no hase falta disir nada mas
Incluye un In God´s country alternativo


Vancouver, BC
BC Place
May 12, 2017


Source 1:
4x Wireless Sources > Multitrack Recorder
Taper: Sharebear

Source 2:
Neumann KM140 > Marantz Professional PMD661 MKII (24/44.1khz) > Sandisk Extreme SDXC 90 MB/s 64GB > Audacity 2.1.3 > FLAC
Taper: Joe Ahorro

Source 3:
Schoeps MK4V mics > Tascam DR2D
Taper: PHofstee


Mixed, Produced, and Mastered by Sharebear/Hoserama
Aligned in Adobe Audition
Mixed in Nuendo 4, using extra waves, Ozone, Slate plug-ins
Dithered using Izotope MBIT+
Flac'ed using Trader's Little Helper
Mix version 6 (Includes 3 Different Pieces, see notes)


01 Intro
02 Sunday Bloody Sunday
03 New Year's Day
04 A Sort Of Homecoming
05 MLK
06 Pride (In The Name Of Love)
07 Where The Streets Have No Name
08 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
09 With Or Without You
10 Bullet The Blue Sky
11 Running To Stand Still
12 Red Hill Mining Town
13 In God's Country
14 Trip Through Your Wires
15 One Tree Hill
16 Exit
17 Mothers Of The Disappeared
18 Encore
19 Beautiful Day
20 Elevation
21 Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
22 One
23 Miss Sarajevo
24 The Little Things That Give You Away
25 In God's Country (Alternate Arrangement)*

* Wet Mix Only; From Rehearsals


There are three "parts" to this release:
1. "Dry Mix" - Wireless Only Mix, no AUD + Crowd + extra compression
2. "KM140 Mixer" - Joe's KM140 AUD aligned to the dry mix. No extra work on it except for alignment and zapped a bunch of random crowd noise. It's sourced from the 16/44.1khz FLAC files, as gremlins have made off with the master files.
3. "Wet Mix" - Full mix done by Sharebear


Show Comments:
Opening night of the tour, which are usually train wrecks for U2. This is my 3rd "opening night" of a tour, and probably the worst of the three. They were under-rehearsed, and it had a feeling of a big dress rehearsal with a crowd. Bono rarely talks to the crowd, and he even complained about not being able to hear things correctly through his monitor mix after the show. So while it was easily the worst of the 2017 shows I saw, it still has a certain novelty for opening night.


Recording Notes:
Nothing too out of the ordinary--usual rig and setup. No major hiccups with recording.

JA's AUD had some volume adjustments at the beginning of the show. Also, there seems to be a bit of auto-gain going on for a few times when there's a really loud whistle nearby. During the bridge on Pride, there is a gap of one second (packet drop?). I used phofstee's audience recording for Pride, and also for the intro.


Mixing Notes:
Since it was the opening night of the tour, the monitor mixes weren't dialed in quite right yet. Flipping phase on Bono vocals a couple times during the show, turning on/off the ambient mics in the mix, and guitar + Edge vocal levels are a bit all over the place. I did a fair amount of creative work to smooth it out, but without the raw multitracks there's only so much to be done. I've done the usual array of tricks with metronome and count removal, but you can still hear some remnants if you listen closely.

While I think it's a pretty solid mix, it's not perfect by any stretch. So leave the 5-star reviews for the perfect recordings! I give it a 4-4.5 out of 5 stars.

Usually when I release something, a bunch of folks tell me "Oh I wish it had more audience" or "I wish it had less audience". Of course, most of these folks don't mix so it's gut feeling. For the Vancouver 2015 multicam, I released three different mixes with varying level of audience...and still had people wanting different levels of audience ("Could you make a mix that's between the Wet mix and Goldilocks mix?". So I present to you a nice experiment.

Contained within this package are the Dry Mix and KM140 aud. Dry Mix is the wireless feeds mixed together, with no AUD, crowd noise, or parallel compression track. The KM140 aud is already aligned, and uses the same file I used for the Wet mix. It's not the total package, as I used PHofstee's Schoeps recording for the Intro & Pride. But if you want to be a perfectionist, feel free to snag his and do the same sort of patch.

So with the Dry Mix and KM140, all the aspiring mixers can create their individual mix to their own tastes. For anybody wanting a full mix, check out my Wet mix. For anybody wanting more of straight soundboard type sound, check out the Dry mix. If you want only an audience, check out one of straight audience recordings of the show.



- Campeon TRIVIAL Organizado por Pau
- Campeon TRIVIAL Especial Live Edition organizado por Kitacitus 135
- Campeon y tercer clasificado Nova Canco 2008
- Retirada de las competiciones oficiales en Julio 2008 tras aplastante dominio sobre el populacho
- Vuelta a lo Schumacher, 2o clasificado Trivial 2010
- Organizador Super Trivial 2010 2.0
- "Aprendiz de Goebbels" (Feb 2010)
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