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Bono - Eden (to find love) (2021)
22 May 2021 a las 00:38
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Written by Linda Perry and Bono - from Citizen Penn, a deeply meaningful and inspiring film following the birth and growth of Sean Penn’s organization J/PHRO (now CORE) in the wake of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake directed by Don Hardy.

Aquí va la versión oficial limpia del disco. No se si estaba esta versión... por eso la pongo de nuevo

video: []

The newspapers says: I was on the inside and our love turns to rust cause you want me to go without. I believe in a celebration a one and a zero to love and only love. It's no secret that you can be numb for love, is a secret that's been passed around.

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  Bono - Eden (to find love) (2021)
Pedro 368 22 May 2021 a las 00:38