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Vertigo Tracklisting
03 septiembre 2004 a las 20:58
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Parece ser que aun a falta de la confirmación oficial ya tenemos en nuestro poder el tí­tulo de todas la canciones y el orden en que van a ir en el disco.

Aquí­ os pego el siguiente árticulo de :


New U2 Album Tracklisting Leaked?

After U2 revealed the names of six songs to be featured on their upcoming new album last week, come reports of a full running order for the 11 track release, expected to hit shops in November.

According to unofficial reports the record will be called "˜Vertigo"™ and, as rumoured, it has been given a November 22 release date, with the first single, also entitled 'Vertigo', expected in shops late September.

U2 themselves issued a statement last week confirming that the songs "˜Vertigo', "˜Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own"™, "˜City of Blinding Lights"™, "˜A Man and A Woman"™, "˜Yahweh"™ and "˜Crumbs From Your Table"™ would all appear on the Steve Lillywhite-produced record.

"It feels like a special record", Bono explained in the
October edition of Q Magazine, "From the start we wanted to make our own "˜Who's Next"™ [classic 1971 Who album] where every track mattered and I think we have done that."

The album"™s release is also expected to be followed by a massive world tour, which will take in more than 50 cities and is rumoured to include a headlining slot at the 2005 Glastonbury festival.

A full tracklisting for the new record also surfaced online today (September 4), which - while still unofficial - includes all the songs mentioned by the band and has been replicated on a number of major record shop pre-order websites.

"˜Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own"™
"˜City of Blinding Lights"™
"˜A Man And A Woman"™
"˜Crumbs From Your Table"™
"˜All Because Of You"™
"˜Miracle Drug"™
"˜Full Metal Jacket/Native Son"™
"˜Love Peace Or Else"™

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Además también ha que recacalcar que según la información que ellos tienen el album se llamará "Vertigo" como el primer single.

No pongo en duda sus fuentes, pero habrá que esperar a la confirmación por parte del grupo.

¿Que os parece todo esto?


Sólo sé que no sé nada
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  Vertigo Tracklisting
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