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Re: [Stereogum] The 31 Best U2 Non-Album Tracks
28 julio 2015 a las 18:26
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Gran artículo, a cargo de un periodista-fan con fundamento. Debería ser de obligada lectura para alumnos de 1º de Udosismo en 2015:

"Every now and then, you get the idea that it was something special. In the last decade, it often feels as if U2 are telling us their album is an event, instead of simply making it one. When the little counter-narrative songs trickle out from that sort of phase, they begin to feel more like missed chances than the illuminating detours behind their greatest work.

U2 might be a band in crisis, in terms of their identity. They might be too big to fail, but they aren’t too big to stall out, to flirt with mediocrity. If you’re the kind of fan who prefers U2 when they are willing to throw out their own rulebook, to rewrite their own story, it’s been a frustrating 10 or 11 years. If you aren’t a fan, U2 have made themselves a perpetual easy target for criticism, which … well, that’s made it frustrating to be a fan, too.
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  Re: [Stereogum] The 31 Best U2 Non-Album Tracks
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